Local Ocean Seafoods' fish market is a showcase for the best seafood from the West Coast. The majority of our product comes directly from the Newport docks, located across the street from our market. We work with more than 50 local fishermen to supply us with the freshest, highest quality product available anywhere.

Prices and availability are subject to market conditions and weather. Please call us at 541-574-7959 or contact us to inquire. We ship next-day and second-day air. Some of our most important species, and their seasonal availability:


Flavor Profile: Very strong fish flavor due to the high oil content of the flesh.

Season: Tuna typically shows up on the Oregon Coast in late June and stay until early to late September. There is no set season for Tuna.

Albacore can cover 100 miles in a day and 5,300 miles in a season. Every year, the North Pacific school sprints across the Pacific from Japan to the Oregon Coast.


Flavor Profile: Salmon has a high oil content and therefore has a fairly strong flavor profile. The larger fish have more fat which adds a buttery flavor and texture to the fish.

Season: The Oregon season can open as early as March 15th, although recently the season has started on April 1st. It typically continues through October.

The dominant commercial salmon species in Oregon is Chinook Salmon (aka King Salmon). We usually sell Alaskan Coho salmon during the off-season.  All our Alaskan Coho is harvested by Don Snow on the FV Summerplace, a local Newport boat that fishes in Alaska during the summer.  


Flavor Profile: Delicate, nutty, sweet flavor with a flaky, medium-firm texture.

Season: Generally year-round. Availability is more limited in the winter months of November-February due to stormy weather.  

Often called “red snapper” at fish markets and restaurants, there are 64 species of rockfish managed in the Pacific Ocean. They can live about as long as people do, and studies show that as they get older, the females produce more and more eggs.


Flavor Profile: Rich and meaty with a firm texture

Season: Oregon- limited to a few weeks in June and July.  Alaska- March 15-November 15.   

Halibut is one of the most popular West Coast seafood species.  The Oregon commercial fishery is very limited to but a few weeks in the summer, so we supplement with Alaskan fish most of the year. 


Flavor Profile: Deliciously moist, flaky groundfish.

Season: Hook and line fishery occurs in the spring and summer (May through October). The trawl fishery operates year-round.

While most lingcod is white, some fish develop a striking blue-green hue. Scientists aren't sure why this happens and, to add to the mystery, the blue color vanishes when cooked - leaving a white fillet that tastes no different than any other.


Flavor Profile: Delicate and flaky, it has a rich flavor and velvety texture. Black Cod is high in Omega-3’s and is also known as the butterfish.

Season: May through October.

Also known as sablefish, it is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is very rich and flavorful.


Flavor Profile: Soft, moist fish with a mild and delicate flavor and fine, medium-firm texture.

Season: Fresh year round - we get some fish from the trawl fishery year-round.

Sole is a flatfish that is found on sandy bottoms, usually in deep water, down to depths of about 550 meters.


Flavor Profile: Clean and sweet tasting.

Season: December 1st - August 15th.

Dungeness crab accounts for about one-third of the value of all Oregon commercial fisheries and is considered the economic backbone of the fleet. Newport is the Dungeness crab capital of the world.


Flavor Profile: Renowned for their sweet, delicate flavor and firm texture.

Season: April 15 to October 31. Sometimes the season opens a little later if the shrimp need more time to mature to market size.

Oregon shrimp fishery is considered the most sustainable shrimp fishery in the world because the gear used in the fishery has virtually no impact on habitat and results in almost zero bycatch.


Flavor Profile: Varies by type of oyster but generally are sweeter with a less fishy taste.

Seasons: Year-Round. 



Flavor Profile: Sweet, mild flavor. It is a tender and buttery meat with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Season: Year-round.

Our scallops come from the Alaskan FV Provider. The crew catches, shucks, cleans, size-sorts, boxes, and rapid-deep-freezes the Alaskan Weathervane within four short hours of capture. 


Flavor Profile: Tender and have a mild, sweet flavor.

Season: Year-round.

The Manila clam is native from southern Siberia to China. It was introduced to the West Coast of North America with oyster spat from Japan and now occurs from the British Columbia Coast to the Central Coast of California. 


Flavor Profile: Sweet, mild flavor, and tender texture.

Seasons: September to February

Here at Local Ocean, we prefer the tender texture and sweet flavor of wild Mexican Prawns harvested off of the coast of Baja, California. 


Flavor Profile: Mild “ocean” flavor with a faintly sweet, mushroom-like undertone.

Season: Year-round.

Marine mussels live in many different environments. Some species prefer salt marshes or quiet bays, while others thrive in pounding surf, completely covering wave-washed rocks. Some species have colonized abyssal depths near hydrothermal vents. 


Flavor Profile: Firm texture, mild brininess, and a mild clam flavor.

Season: October 1 through July 14. 

Pacific Razor Clams inhabit sandy beaches in the intertidal zone down to a maximum water depth of about 30 feet. 

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