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Service Changes following COVID-19 - Updated August 19th, 2021

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


Can I make a reservation?

Yes. We have resumed taking reservations for about half of our available seats. You can book through Resy. If our reservations are full, you can:

  • Walk-in

  • Call us at 541-574-7959 to join the waitlist (if we're running one)

Do you offer take out?

Yes, however we do not accept takeout orders while running a wait list for in-house dining.

Can I still just come and shop at the fish market?

Yes the fish market will be open 7 days a week.

Do I need to wear a mask at Local Ocean?

Yes. Per Oregon's mask mandate, you must wear a mask until you are seated at your table, and any time you get up from your table. We also recommend washing your hands prior to being seated. Our staff will be wearing face coverings.

Do you take cash?


How much should I tip?

Local Ocean is taking this opportunity to test a totally new compensation plan for all staff. We will be automatically assessing a 20% service charge to all dine in checks. The service charge will be redistributed to all staff in the form of living wage increases and health benefits.

· We believe that we can better care for our staff by moving them significantly off of the feast-or-famine cycle of minimum wage and voluntary tip income.

· We believe this model will give all staff greater economic security in these uncertain times.

· We are sure that you will love the food and the service and we feel confident you will find value in this system too.

You can read more about the service charge in a letter from Laura below.

Why not just raise prices 20% and eliminate tipping instead of adding a 20% service charge?

We thought about that model as well, and while true-cost pricing has its benefits, we are worried about our customers perception of a straight 20% price increase. And we know that it is important to you to reward staff for their excellent service. We promise you that the 20% service charge is for enhancing staff pay and benefits.

Will dining at Local Ocean feel different?

Not really. Same great food. Same great service. You may notice a little more space and a little more quiet. And you might appreciate the slightly slower pace of dining.


A letter from Laura about the new service charge

To our guests

I’m writing to share some important news about Local Ocean that we want you to understand before your next visit.

We have been engaged in a robust conversation with our staff about how we can provide more meaningful and equitable pay, health benefits, better economic security and to all our 50 employees. Many restaurants across the country, when confronting these challenges, have found- and we agree- that voluntary tipping is major obstacle to this goal.

This is somewhat due to the countless laws and regulations that determine which positions in a restaurant may, and may not share in gratuities. Other limits of the voluntary tipping model are that servers have no surety how much they will earn in a day or week or month. And in worst cases, voluntary tipping has racist and sexist biases.

The only way restaurants have addressed this effectively is EITHER 1) a significant (typically 20%) menu price increase and elimination of any tipping, OR 2) an automatic 18-25% service charge that replaces the voluntary tip. We have decided to go with the second method- a 20% service charge.

We want you to know that all of the extra charge is going directly to increase staff pay and benefits. In fact, over half of your total bill will go to support the people of Local Ocean. This will make for more stable wages not just for servers, but for line cooks, food preppers, hosts, bussers, and dishwashers as well. Professional and stable wages.

With this change, the total cost you pay to dine with us won’t change much from what you were paying before. But for our staff, the change will be significant. It will foster more cooperation and teamwork, rather than the competition.

I know this is a bold decision, and I personally applaud the many restaurant leaders across the nation that have forged this path over the last five years. Their experience tells me that this is not an easy path. But it is the right one. For our restaurant as whole, and all our individuals staff members.

I truly believe you will see more and more restaurants turning to these new compensation and pricing models as we are all facing the challenges of the new economy together.

Thank you

Laura Anderson

Local Ocean Seafoods

Founder and owner

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