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Oregon-caught Halibut Shipped to your Home

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Stock your freezer with a box of Oregon-caught Pacific halibut fillets

Our Halibut Lovers Home Pack contains six 12-ounce fillets of Oregon-caught Pacific halibut, caught and packed in July 2022. We capture the quality and flavor of fresh halibut by vacuum-sealing and blast-freezing the fish as soon as it has landed on our docks.

Free 2-day frozen shipping is included throughout the contiguous United States. Home Packs ship on Tuesdays for delivery the following Thursday.


About Oregon's Halibut Derby

Pacific Halibut is a relatively small commercial fishery in Oregon, as most of the halibut quota is managed for recreational fisheries. Even so, the small handful of derby-style summer days we get for harvesting this prized fish is eagerly awaited by local seafood devotees. Wait no longer, those days are here!

This year, commercial halibut fishermen are permitted to fish in three-day-long bursts. After each three-day opener, the entire halibut catch is counted. If the annual quota hasn't been met, another opener is scheduled two weeks out. Usually there are 2-4 openers each year. We just wrapped up our second weekend of filleting a freezing a boatload of fish from F/V Challenge, and are eagerly waiting to hear if there will be a third. Fingers crossed!

Published July 22nd, 2022

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