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Memorial Mural to Pogo

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Art is a powerful medium and this new mural on Local Ocean’s building speaks volumes. Clement ‘Pogo’ Grochowski was a beloved local fisherman and an early benefactor of Local Ocean. Back when Al Pazar and I were creating Local Ocean, he lent us money when the banks wouldn’t. He died this Spring. Since his passing, I felt the universe conspired for me to pay tribute to him.

In June, out of the blue, I received an email from Monica Milligan, an Oregon artist. She had recently visited Local Ocean and inquired about my interest for a mural. The idea of Pogo in the image of Old Man Winter I credit to a conversation many years ago with one of his former deckhands, Heather Hively. I held this vision in my mind for 15 years, and within a month of working together, Monica nailed it.

Pogo was divine being, both living and in spirit. The image of him blowing the fleet out to sea is powerful: Monica was able to animate Pogo’s kindness, humility, and strength. The breath. The wind. To flow in the stream of life. It gives me the feeling of being filled up with the ability to do something great. I hope you enjoy this new art as much as I do.

With Love, Laura

Progress photos and videos courtesy of Monica Milligan. You can view more of her work at and on instagram @mamartworks

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