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March DockBox Menu

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

This month, bring home all your favorite Local Ocean classics.

We heard you'll want to start with the Fishwives Stew (which goes great with a Shrimp Crostini, by the way). Although you definitely won't want to miss the Hoisin Black Cod, and we know how hard it is to pass up Halibut Fish & Chips. Round out your order with one of your favorite add-on kits, like Crab Cakes or Razor Clam Chowder. Suffice it to say, it's a good thing that all of these options are available all through March!

To add even more into the mix, we're thinking about doing a pop-up meal later in the month - what dish do you hope to see? Text in to let us know at (541) 283-1640!


March Entrées

Celebrate the ocean’s bounty with Local Ocean’s signature Fishwives Stew. This cioppino has everything – rockfish, scallops, wild prawns, fresh clams, Dungeness crab meat, and pink shrimp – married together in an herb-rich garlic and tomato broth and served with focaccia bread.

Savor the tastes and textures of our Shrimp Crostini. Delicate pink shrimp is paired with our house-smoked salmon spread, boquerones, capers, Niçoise olives, arugula, cucumber, and tomato, all sitting atop toasted focaccia bread.

Dive into a deep bowl of our umami-rich Hoisin Black Cod. This savory dish highlights hoisin-glazed black cod on a bed of asparagus, green beans, orange, onion, red bell pepper, and yakisoba noodles – all sautéedtogether in a salty-sweet teriyaki dressing.