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It's time to say farewell to DockBox

We have some bittersweet news to share – we have decided that it’s time to end our weekly DockBox meal kit program.

Since April 2020, DockBox has allowed us to provide thousands (yes – thousands!) of seafood meals to people in their homes. It has helped people to learn how to cook seafood, reinvigorated family meal nights and date nights, and was a shining light from the coast to the valley during the darkest of pandemic times. However, after businesses reopened, we saw popularity start to decline and ultimately have decided it’s time to let go.

While it is challenging to say goodbye, ending DockBox allows us to refocus our energy on our core business in the restaurant and our new way of operating under the Local Ocean Stewardship Trust. We are hopeful that there will be a future opportunity to resurrect the program in a new way, with a new approach better suited to the modern era. But for now, Local Ocean will continue serving its purpose through orders of Grilled Fish & Chips and seafood stews on the Newport Bayfront. And we will offer a limited selection of DockBox meal kits for purchase in our seafood market.

For the next few weeks, we’ve put together menus of the most beloved dishes so you can enjoy your favorite meals once more. We will be winding down our distribution over this time, with the following final pickup or home shipping days:

  • Bend Pickup – Wednesday, April 26th

  • Astoria Pickup – Thursday, April 27th

  • NW Portland Pickup (Cedar Mills) – Friday, April 28th

  • SE Portland Pickup (B-line) – Wednesday, May 24th

  • Home Shipping – Thursday/Friday, May 25th/26th

  • Corvallis Pickup – Friday, May 26th

  • Newport Pickup – Friday, May 26th

Whether you tried only one DockBox, or ordered almost every week, we thank you for being part of this journey and helping to make made DockBox the shining star of COVID-related business-pivots. As always, on behalf of our local fishers and the DockBox crew, thank you for giving us a way to share with you our love of wild, sustainable seafood.

With Love, Issie Corvi + the DockBox Team

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