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Early October DockBox Menu

DockBox is our weekly, seafood-focused meal kit. From Fish & Chips to Fishwives Stew, each DockBox contains all the ingredients and instructions needed to recreate our signature recipes from home. Order online for Home Shipping via UPS throughout Oregon & Washington, or local pickup in Portland, Corvallis, and Newport. Click here to learn more.


Early October DockBox Menu

Meals for the Weeks of October 3rd & 10th

Dive into our umami-packed Grilled Halibut. This popular dish centers around a beautiful halibut fillet – grilled or pan-seared to your liking – nestled atop a bed of udon noodles, bacon, edamame, onions, and Swiss chard in a housemade ponzu sauce.

Enjoy a DockBox favorite - Enrique's special Scallop Risotto. Seared Weathervane scallops shine on a mix of risotto, squash, parsnip, and spinach with parmesan and a mint-basil gremolata.

Bring home the taste of Newport with our classic Pan Fried Oysters. These panko-crusted Yaquina Bay oysters are served with our housemade tartar sauce, fries, and fennel slaw.

Turn up the heat with our popular Shrimp & Spicy Noodle Salad. Showcasing Oregon pink shrimp atop a medley of vegetables and yakisoba noodles, cooked together in our signature sesame chili dressing.