Laura Anderson : Owner

Owner Laura Anderson comes from a small boat fishing family. Trolling for salmon and harvesting crab in the summers on her dad’s commercial fishing boat gave her an appreciation for the fishing families and crew that bring Local Ocean its daily catch and an authentic understanding of its quality. Seafood was literally her “bread and butter” growing up.

In her early years, Laura worked with artisanal fishermen as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, followed by a year of international business in Hanoi, Vietnam.

While the master's degree in marine resource management (Oregon State University 2000) was not a prerequisite for becoming a restaurateur, is has been partly responsible for the success of Local Ocean. Understanding the science and the policy of fisheries ensures that every dish served at Local Ocean passes Laura's “red-face test” for sustainability.

In addition to running the day-to-day operations at Local Ocean, Anderson also is member of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Ocean Science Trust.


Amber Morris : Fish Buyer

Fish Goddess Amber Morris is on site 5 days a week at our Bayfront location to answer all your seafood questions. When she's not pounding the docks looking for today's freshest catch, she is behind the fish case, filleting and wrapping your evening meal.

Her love of community shines through the close relationships she keeps with her valued customers and the more than 70 local fishermen she buys from. Don’t be surprised if Amber remembers you even if only met her once before. If you’ve been around Newport awhile she probably even knows your kid’s names and their Chinese sun signs. She’s often heard saying things like “Oh, that little monkey!” or “How’s your little rooster doing?”

Truly a gem in our small community, Amber and her naughty little golder retriever Segar can often be found playing on Nye Beach before and after work.

Enrique Sanchez-Rodriguez : Chef

Chef Enrique Sanchez-Rodriguez has been part of the Local Ocean team since our opening in 2005.For ten years Enrique served as Local Ocean’s Sous Chef under Chef Charlie Branford.When the chef position opened up, Enrique stepped up without missing a beat.Keeping Local Ocean’s quality and reputation for consistency is at the forefront of his personal mission.


Enrique's passion is to “bring global flavors together on one plate,” following the fundamentals of fresh ingredients, tastes and textures. He likens the process to that of a play: the plate is an expression of his artistry, the food an expression of his soulful approach.

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